Core Gameplay


Please keep in mind, that this is an early version of this document. The game is going through very early development currently. Everything stated in here is subject to change. The core gameplay is meant to give a general idea of how the game will work.

General Information

  • The game is organized in seasons. Each season lasts two months. This is meant to keep things fresh and exciting for new and existing players alike.
  • During seasons, game features are unlocked in stages. Players will have to work together to unlock new stages of the game. Once a new stage is unlocked it opens the door to more features. This will always be an exciting event for all players.
  • Players can only attack players of similar or higher strength. We do not want players to grief new players who are just getting started. So they will be protected against players much bigger than them while moving through the galaxy.
  • All players, no matter the progress, can earn Questing Points through weekly quests. Questing Points can be exchanged for a share of the weekly TLM prize pool in Mission Control.
  • There are building upgrade requirements before a player is allowed to progress deeper into space. This is in place to make sure that players cannot simply rush ahead without having a base equipped to deal with what is required in the new sector.
  • TLM spent by players is used for the seasonal prize pool, mineable ingame rewards, as well as running the game.
  • Guilds can have up to 20 members. This cap is to ensure that a guild does not dominate the game by pure size.