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Playing MC

How a player will experience Mission Control
Players will log in on Mission Control and find themselves on the main menu. In the header they will see the following information: - current level and experience - their McPoints - their TLM owned - their earned questing points for the current week
The main menu
By clicking on the prize pool, players get to the page where they can claim their weekly rewards.
From the main menu players can go to the questing screen, where they will find an overview of all their completed and open quests for this week.
The Quest Information Screen. Here players can find their completed and open quests. The Chest shows that there are rewards to be claimed.
Claiming the Share of the Prize Pool The players share of the prize pool is determined by the amount of Questing Points earned in the previous week. To claim their share they will have to spend 100 McPoints. Learn more about how a players share of the prize pool is calculated here.
Here players can claim their rewards and decide how much of the rewards they want to convert into additional experience.
Earning McPoints Players earn McPoints by earning in Alien Worlds at the same rate they earn the Alien Worlds NFT Points. This means that at least a common tool with NFT Mining Power is required, but it does not matter on which land or planet the player is mining. Alien Worlds might also offer additional ways to earn NFT Points, which will then also be added as McPoints. Earning Questing Points There are two ways to earn Questing Points: 1. Spending McPoints (up to 500 per week) to gain QP in return. 2. Complete Quests in MC. Quests are added from other games, which pay a part of the prize pool in return. Trying out a new game The biggest hurdle in trying a new game on WAX often is, that a player does not know which NFTs are required to get started. In MC each collaborating game will get its own page which includes a tailored marketplace. Players can learn about the game there and easily purchase the NFTs they need to get started without having to go to a 3rd party website.
Learn about a game and get the NFTs you need to get started here.
Earning experience and leveling up At the end of the week players can claim their share of the prize pool by spending 100 McPoints. They will not only receive their share, but also experience for spent McPoints as well as completed quests. Players can decide to forfeit a part of their share for additional experience.