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Leveling System

With great power come great rewards. The leveling system in MC allows players to earn more Questing Points per Quest completed. With each level the Questing Power of the player increases. The Questing Power acts as a multiplier for Questing Points. If a quest on Level 1 gives a player 100 Questing Points, the same Quest on Level 2 would give a player 110 Questing Points. Each week players have the chance to earn experience by:
  • completing quests (500 XP max)
  • spending McPoints (500 XP max)
  • forfeiting a part of their share of the prize pool (10x possible)
Players can spend NFT Points on Questing Points and Experience every week
At the end of the week their gained experience is calculated like this:
Gained Experience = ((([Earned Questing Points] / [Max possible Questing Points this week]) * [MAX XP for completing quests]) + [McPoints XP earned]) * (1 + ([percent of prize pool share forfeit] / 10))
Each level will take a bit longer than the previous, but the increase in Questing Power will also be bigger.