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Information for Players

Welcome Traveler!

Mission Control is a new way to earn from mining in Alien Worlds and playing partnered games on the WAX Blockchain.
Complete Quests
Complete Quests in MC to earn Questing Points each week. The more Questing Points you have by the end of the week, the bigger your share of the prize pool. Quests are tasks in partnered games on the WAX blockchain.
Mission Control Points
After signing up on MC you will not only earn NFT Points in Alien Worlds, but also in Mission Control, for example whenever you mine with a common+ tool with NFT Mining Power in Alien Worlds.
These McPoints can be used to earn additional Questing Points, Experience or to purchase NFTs that are getting dropped by 3rd party collections.
Level up
You can use your McPoints to gain some experience every week. In addition you will get experience for completing quests.
By gaining experience you can level up to gain Questing Power, which will increase your Questing Points earned for each completed quest.
Last modified 7mo ago