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Drops using NFT Points

Further reward Alien Worlds Players for their NFT Points.
MC aims to offer a new way for collections to drop their NFTs to active Alien Worlds players. This will give other collections some exposure and makes sure that their NFTs go to to interested players. Why this system should be developed Currently collections have a hard time to find good and cheap ways to drop their NFTs to players of Alien Worlds, which avoids bots and rewards real players. With the current methods it is still likely that the receiving players do not know why they received a NFT and what the NFT is used for. With our system players know why they get the NFT and what it is used for.
The My Drops page is not yet final
How it works Collections can contact us to facilitate a drop for them. To do it they will have to give us the following information:
  • Collection Name (e.g. beastgardens)
  • Official Collection Name (e.g. Beast Garden)
  • Name for the Drop (e.g. PvP Access Key)
  • template id
  • amount to be dropped
  • time for the drop to end
  • drop info text (e.g. This NFT is used to gain access to one round of Beast Garden PvP where you can win TLM or Beast Garden NFTs and tokens. No other NFTs or tokens are required to participate.)
  • link to their Discord
  • link to their Telegram
  • link to their Website
The Create Drop Page is not yet final
After the collection owner has minted or transferred the NFTs of the named template_id to MC the drop is automatically activated and becomes visible for our players. All active drops will be visible on Mission Control. Players can now see not only the collection, but also what the NFT is used for as well as the amount that will be dropped. With the information from our page as well as the links to the projects website, Discord and Telegram players can make an informed decision on what they want to spend their McPoints. Once a player has made their decision they can place a bid on one or more drops using their McPoints. If there are 100 NFTs in the drop, the 100 highest bids by the time the drop ends will receive the NFT. Players outside the top 100 will get back their McPoints. Prices for drop facilitation We want to keep pricing as cheap as possible, but there will always be manual work involved to create and curate the drops. We would not want to have offensive NFTs or malicious external links on our website, so that some research will always be required before allowing a collection to do their drop with our service. Drop Creation and Curation: 500 TLM Drop Price per NFT: 2.5 TLM If a project planned to drop 300 NFTs using our service it would cost 1,250 TLM in total. Prices are subject to change