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Adding a Quest

We expect plenty of games to be interested in adding their quests to MC as this is not only fun for players, but also a great marketing tool for other games. Adding quests and getting their own page on Mission Control will come at a price, which will in turn help us to fill up the prize pool for our players.
  • Initial Setup Fee
  • Quest License
Initial Setup Fee As adding a new game and setting up their page, starter NFTs and quests as well as potentially configuring the Smart Contract takes time there would be a small setup fee. Quest License A quest will be limited by time. After the time has expired the game would have to renew their quest. Quest Curation Not every action on the blockchain would qualify as a potential quest on MC. An action like "login to game X" would be easily bot-able. Quests should trigger a longer cooldown on a non-free asset or require tokens or NFTs to be spent. Before adding a quest the team will check if this quest can be added.
  • A game cannot have more than 5 different Quests.
  • Each game can have a maximum of 500 Questing Points per week.
  • Each quest can have a maximum of 200 Questing Points.
  • Each quest needs to have at least 50 Questing Points.
  • Each repetition of a quest needs to earn at least 1 Questing Point.
  • A Quest must either burn tokens, NFTs or trigger a long cooldown of a non-free asset. This is to prevent bots from mass-completing "free" quests.
  • Quests can be booked for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.
Pricing 1 Questing Point will cost 10 TLM per week. This means that running a quest for 50 Questing Points for one week would cost 500 TLM. Prices are subject to change.