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Revenue Streams

With Mission Control we aim to add multiple revenue streams. The current main goal is to earn enough to fund the weekly prize pool.
  • Quest Licences paid by collaborating games
  • DTAL of lands owned by MC
  • Mining Rewards of lands owned by MC
  • Ad Revenue
  • Tailored On-Site marketplace
  • Facilitation of drops for NFT points to reach active players on WAX
  • Missions
Revenue which exceeds the needs for the weekly prize pools can be used to do the following:
  • Increase the amount of lands owned by MC or boost the existing lands to be less reliant on unreliable revenue streams like Ad Revenue and become fully self-sufficient with DTAL payments for the weekly prize pool in the future.
  • Pay Development and Administration
  • Increase the weekly prize pool given that we are sure to be able to keep it at a higher level