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Mission Control (MC)

Mission Control (MC) is a weekly questing system, which will bring new players to Alien Worlds, give players of Alien Worlds additional ways to earn and shine a spotlight on other games, who help provide for the weekly prize pool in return.
After signing up on MC, whenever you earn NFT Points in Alien Worlds, you will also receive them as Mission Control Points (McPoints) in Mission Control.
Every week players will be competing for a TLM based prize pool. Players earn their share of the prize pool by earning NFT Points in Alien Worlds and completing Mission Control quests (e.g. in collaborating games).
Over time players can increase their level and therefore the share of the weekly prize pool by completing quests and spending McPoints. McPoints can also be used to bid on 3rd party NFT drops facilitated by MC.
By using these McPoints as well as a curated questing system, we will make sure that real players and not bots will profit in Mission Control. Disclaimer: This is a living document. Details may change over time.
Last modified 7mo ago